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Mitigate Human Error with RFID

RFID not only streamlines and automates asset scanning but also eliminates the possibility of human error. Each asset or tagged item is detected and identified automatically, and it is matched up with the correct information in your database using its unique ID. There is no possibility of human scanning errors or incorrect logging or updating of information on paper records or in a spreadsheet. This allows manufacturers to maintain a completely accurate inventory of all tagged assets and properly account for current assets and future supply chain, planning, or equipment needs. Plus, with RFID tagging, workers can quickly locate and identify any asset or even track the movement and verify the location of employees anywhere in your buildings.

•More data, greater accuracy, automated delivery
•Line of sight not required
•Read 1000’s of items simultaneously

•Improved accuracy, visibility, operational efficiency and security
•Opportunities to quantify processes and map improvements
•Opportunities for exception based management

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