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Inventory Management with Trehan Consulting Group

Inventory Management with Trehan Consulting Group

Early problem detection – If you’re keeping a check on your inventory reports regularly, you’ll be able to quickly identify the problems and you can focus on tackling them.

Easy to reorder – Reordering will be much more efficient if your reports tell you what products are available.

Reduced warehouse costs – When your inventory report tells you what you have in stock, the pick pack ship process runs more efficiently. Your warehouse staff don’t need to run around looking for a missing inventory item because you know exactly when it was sold and shipped.

Peak season efficiency – In the event of high order volumes, such as those that arise during peak trading seasons, your inventory numbers will be able to keep up in order to keep your sales flowing profitably across all channels.

Theft and loss reduction – From theft to loss to damage, products can be lost in many ways. But if you manage accurate inventory levels, you can identify issues quickly.

Fewer missed sales-When you don’t keep an accurate inventory report, it’s easy to run out of products and miss out on sales. Instead of relying on your memory or a visit to the warehouse to decide what to reorder, use an up-to-date inventory report to quickly see what products you’re running low on

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